Scrap Metal Recycling

How Metal Recycling Works Here

You bring in your scrap metal recycling such as copper pipe that was used for plumbing.
We pay by the pound so we weigh it on our floor scale inside or if we have to we use the forklift we and use the scale mounted on it.
We consult our Price lists that can change daily and pay you immediately with cash or a cheque.


Scrap Metal Recycling Services

Ferrous and non ferrous metals.
There is a used metal rack for those that need metal for projects.
Roll off bin services for big jobs.
We can also do large clean up jobs with the equipment needed.
Pick up and trailer for small jobs.

What We Buy

Click to see list of accepted metals.

For purchases under $20 we do not need id, but for purchases over we need id and if the purchase exceeds $50.00 we can pay with cheques.
A Customer will be unable to sell metal unless they provide their driver’s licence, BC Identification Card or BC Service Card (driver licence version only) to the  recycler and explain the origin of the metal.
Metal Bin
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