What We Buy and Sell

Trying to keep scrap metal and all recyclables out of the landfill

With businesses and individuals watching their bottom lines recycling scrap metal is a great way to earn extra money. We can help educate you how to do that.

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Cariboo Metal Recycling provides recycling services for more than just metal.We have a scrap metal rack where you can find many metals to build projects small and large at a fraction of the cost of new.For purchases under $20 we do not need id, but for purchases over we need id and if the purchase exceeds $50.00 we can pay with cheques.
A Customer will be unable to sell metal unless they provide their driver’s licence, BC Identification Card or BC Service Card (driver licence version only) to the  recycler and explain the origin of the metal.

We do not accept car tires, cars, large appliances, or anything with freon in it. All engine blocks, transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, rads and  tanks must have fuel drained before showing up.

Dirt, rocks, or wood. any kind of contaminates are bad.
Any time that you sort and separate your materials before you come to our yard you will probably make more and get out the door quicker.


A scrapers best friend is a good magnet and a file, with these tools you can find out if you have a pay day or not. Simply putting it if the magnet sticks it is metal and not worth much right now, but if it not magnetic then run a file on it to check the color. The color you want to see is copper a red brown color but if it is yellow you have brass.

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Auto Batteries

We buy all lead-acid batteries; including, damaged ones drained or not. They are purchased by the pound.

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